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Professional photography for your Tinder profile

Show yourself at your best.

The first impression is decisive – on Tinder just like in real life. As professional photographer for Tinder photos I create natural, eyecatching portraits of you. The pictures have a very authentic feel because we don't take them in a photo studio, but in the city, cafés, parks, wherever you feel comfortable. If you toy with the idea to get professional Tinder photos, you are at the right place.

As seen on TV!

In January 2021, I was accompanied by a film team during one of my Tinder Photo Shoots for an episode of Galileo on "Social Love". You can watch the episode online at Pro7 (login required). The part on Tinder Photo Shoots is 5 minutes long and in the middle of the episode. Check it out!

Tinder Photo Shoot

Complete package

Photo Shoot for Tinder in Munich

I'm Toni, your photographer.

I'm 28, from Munich and full-time photographer of people. Through my work as a portrait, wedding and couple photographer, I have become very experienced in getting people at ease and to actually enjoy themselves in front of my camera. You should have your pictures taken by me especially if you are camera-shy! Of course I don't only take professional portraits for Tinder profiles, but also for Bumble, Parship, and other online dating sites.

Portrait von Toni, Tinder Fotografin München

Important information on your Tinder Photo Shoot in Munich

The Photo Shoots are scheduled on weekday mornings because of the good light in the morning and because there are less people on the streets.

The photo shoot takes place in the area around Glockenbachviertel / Deutsches Museum / Lehel, with a large selection of different photo spots like urban streets, the Isar banks, underpasses with graffitis, beautiful facades etc. We will discuss what's right for you at the beginning of your photo shoot.

We meet at a previously agreed outdoor meeting point and start by getting to know each other a little. Then you will show me which outfits you have brought and we decide together what you will wear and which spots we will go to. The photo shoot will be like a little walk with planned and spontaneous stops for taking pictures. You will change outfits on the spot. You should not be super shy about that, but of course we can look for shielded spots for changing.

I recommend bringing at least 5 different outfits to your photo shoot. Realistically, we will shoot about 4-5 different outfits in one session.

When choosing your outfits, pay attention to choosing a variety of clothes. Don't just bring 5 different t-shirts, but bring also jumpers, sweaters, cardigans, thin jackets (meaning everything that doesn't make you look like the Michelin tire guy), shirts (please iron!), pants, shoes and accessories. Accessories can be everything from hats, caps, scarfs, bags, a backpack, or a bottle of your favorite drink, a book, a football, etc. There are no limits to your creativity!

Sounds like work, but it isn't ;) Look at it as a creative project and just pick stuff you like seeing yourself in. This is the best way for us to take portraits which let your personality shine through!

After the photo shoot I upload all pictures onto your personal, password-protected online gallery, where you can select your top 10 pictures. I will edit these in a natural way and provide them as downloadable JPEGs in high resolution in your gallery. And that's it, you can use your professional tinder photos on your online dating platforms! Of course I am always happy to receive feedback – and maybe you will need couple or wedding pictures in a couple years ;). You know who to call now! Until then, let's stay connected and you can follow my Stories by Toni account on Instagram 🙂

Don't wait. The time will never be just right.


Tinder Photo Shoots Done

Customer Feedback

Sebastian Scharf
23. Februar, 2021.
Very nice shoot! Toni is very likeable in her way of conducting the shoot and she took wonderful photos! Thank you!
Florian Weigelt
9. Februar, 2021.
Wow, where should I start with the great impression I had by Toni and her work? The booking process was super easy. We started at 9 am. I was warmly welcomed by cheerful Toni and after a short getting-to-know chat we jumped right into the shoot. There was sympathy right away. You feel instantly comfortable with Toni and forget about the camera. The choice of photo spots and the scenery was fantastic! An unbeatable experience at this price.
sisa12 hm
5. September, 2020.
Pleasant and enthusiastic photographer!
Alexander Furch
5. Juni, 2020.
Super likeable, empathetic and talented. Highly recommended.
4. Juni, 2020.
I booked a photo shoot with Toni through her website. She answered quickly and friendly. We started by getting to know each other over a drink and then went on a walk through the city during which we stopped for taking pictures. Toni was super likeable and it was easy for me to be in front of the camera, even in public. After the shoot, I could select the top 10 pictures and both result and experience were totally worth it! I can only recommend a photo shoot with her!
Daniel Teiser
29. Februar, 2020.
I really had a great photo shoot with Toni! I was quite nervous to be photographed in public, but she takes you by the hand :). It was all uncomplicated, quick and the pictures are great! I can only recommend!